The Family Owned & Operated Distinction

The words “Family-Owned & Operated” tell a story. It is the story of a marriage between professionalism and family values that produces meticulous services in a home-like atmosphere.

For the providers of these services, the work becomes much more than a job.
The work reflecting directly on family standards, family traditions — and the family name itself — becomes an identity.

Nothing is more important to us than the way we present this identity to you at our funeral home. We will do whatever is necessary to provide you with dignified and caring service at a sensitive time. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions or to request our help in any way… because as a Family Owned & Operated funeral home, we want to treat you like family.

Product / Service:
Our funeral home is committed to providing only the finest service and merchandise to you. We are proud to carry on the Family-Owned & Operated tradition of caring, personalized attention for all the families we service. (You can always rest assured that none of our services involve transfers to conglomerate owned, centralized locations.)

The products we provide here are all of the highest quality. Our caskets and urns come only from the most reputable manufacturers. We never use inferior brands or imitation merchandise. And you can be sure that any other products you purchase through us, such as flowers, prayer cards, etc., are also top-quality.

The licensed funeral directors here have been extensively trained to offer you meticulous, caring service, while attending to all technical details of the funeral. Our people are professionals whom you can trust. Please feel free to ask one of our directors any questions you may have. And, in an emergency, someone is available to receive your calls 24-hours-a-day.
The facilities here are specially designed to insure a comfortable and dignified environment. Our viewing rooms have been beautifully appointed as part of the reverence we feel for all funerals. The parking plaza, handicapped accessible provisions, and lounge area are designed for the convenience of all who visit us here. It is important to us that our home make you feel at home, while providing an appearance and atmosphere that reflects professionalism and caring.

As a Family-Owned & Operated funeral home, we distinguish ourselves from funeral home chains by offering the most affordable prices for our products and services. The charges to our customers vary greatly, depending on the level of service they select. But given the overall quality found in our funeral home, our prices are always most reasonable.
Our commitment is to steadfastly uphold the Family-Owned & Operated tradition of expertly rendered, personalized service. We never forget a very important idea here: that funerals are a frequent occurrence for us — but not for you. Our approach to providing services therefore, will always be marked by the highest level of respect and consideration. Ultimately, it is our honor to serve you.

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