There are several things that need to be considered when a death occurs. The order in which things need to be done usually depends on wherever the death occurred: at a residence, a public place, a care center or in a hospital.
   If Hospice or a Home Health Care Provider is not involved, but the person is under a physicians care, and family or friends are present, the family may want to call the funeral home directly. If 911 is called and an ambulance responds, the ambulance crew needs to notify the police who will then need to come to the residence. The police will then have their normal investigation that they will need to follow through with before calling the funeral home. However, if the family calls the funeral home first, the funeral home will notify the proper authorities by a phone call and no police agency will need to come to the residence.
  • If the death occurs in a residence and no one is there at the time of death, the police will need to be notified and respond to the residence before the deceased is removed from their home.
  • If the death occurs in a hospital or care center, the name of the funeral home may be left with them, and the institution will notify the funeral home at the time of the death. The funeral home will respond and, at the next practical time, review matters with the family.
  • If in any case the death should occur and you are not sure of who to notify or what to do, you may call your funeral home and they will assist you in notifying the proper agencies.
There are several other questions that you may have in regards to the death of your loved one, such as do I have to have embalming, do I need to purchase a casket, what about cemetery arrangements, does the family have a minister, do we want cremation, visitation,. . . ? These are some of the additional questions that you may have once the death occurs. By contacting our funeral home we will be able to assist you in answering any of your questions at any time you call. However, one of the best ways to get answers to all of your questions is by taking the time to make pre-arrangements. This may be as simple as outlining your wishes to having all of the details written down and the financial arrangements prepaid.